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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Made With Color?

Made With Color is an online platform that allows everyone to build a custom website—no coding or contracts required. Simply pick a theme and start uploading photos, adding text pages and creating your blog in minutes.

What can I use Made With Color for?

You can market anything on your custom website! Whether you're an artist, designer, photographer, illustrator, creative professional, or a small business, MWC is there to provide you with the tools to build a professional online presence in no time. Use it to showcase your small business, publish your online portfolio or make a site for any of your creative endeavors.

How much does Made With Color cost?

We offer a 15-day FREE trial, no credit card necessary. After your free trial expires you can continue using MWC services by signing up for our $130 yearly plan (a $10.80 monthly rate) for a 20% savings. If you're not ready to commit for an entire year, our regular monthly rate is $14.

All MWC websites include: unlimited pages, unlimited storage, site hosting, designer themes, no coding required, blog integration, custom domains, and stellar support.

How customizable is Made With Color?

Very! We have an expanding library of themes which can be changed to suit your needs with just a few clicks.

Why do I need a custom website?

A custom website is your business card, your professional online presence. Made With Color makes having a website the easiest and most cost effective way to promote yourself. Having a custom website is the indispensable marketing tool to generate traffic and buzz for your projects.

Do I have to sign any contracts?

No contracts necessary, and you can cancel anytime.

How can I cancel Made With Color?

We'd hate to see you go! Just email, and we will cancel your account immediately. If you change your mind, we'll be able to recall your website and all data associated with it.

Is my credit card info protected?

Yes, at Made With Color, the security of your information is of utmost importance to us, and we take every step to protect your privacy.

Can I have a custom domain using Made With Color?

Yes, all MWC sites can have a custom domain name. If you don't own your domain name already we recommend you purchase yours with If you already own your domain name you can follow our setup instructions  here.

I have an existing blog. Can I integrate this into my Made With Color website?

Yes, from Manage, go to Create a new page (under the Pages tab), select the Link Page option, add your URL, add a title and it will appear as a link in your navigation bar.

Website Backgrounds

Want to create a background image for your site? 
This site has a great list of tutorials to get you started.

Want a tiling seamless background? 
Try this tutorial for instructions.

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